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In any business, it is important that there is a smooth and efficient payroll service set up so that your employees are paid in a timely fashion. Staff payment issues can result in poor productivity, low morale and even a government audit. Even worse, a mistake in payroll can result in resignation of talented and reliable employees. And incorrect payroll service can cost you thousands of dollars in IRS penalties. There are common mistakes made by employers when it comes to payroll system and there are simple ways to avoid these problems. Click here!

Payroll Needs Planning

An important mistake many employers do is not putting enough planning in setting up a payroll service system. Payroll may seem daunting but with care and planning you can ensure that the payroll is set up correctly. Payroll planning means that the employees are paid regularly and on time, which is vital for a successful business. It will also help you ensure that your payroll records are up to date and meet legal standards.

Meet Tax Requirements

Payroll is covered by tax law, which is complicated everywhere in the world. And if legalities of the payroll service are not met properly, it may result in high penalties. The cost of an audit can result in bankruptcy.  You may calculate wages perfectly and pay them on time, but if you don’t register your business, set up local, state and federal tax withholdings, your payroll will be incorrect. Hence, it is important to fulfill the requirements of accurate payroll accounting. There are payroll service systems built into many accounting software which makes it easier to do payroll. For more information visit:

Eight Factors to Consider in Payroll Service

When it comes to business payroll, it is helpful to keep track of following factors:

  • Statutory or Paternity Payments, including start and end dates.
  • Insurance Premiums.
  • Tax Exemptions to Pay Components.
  • Benefit Plans.
  • Statutory Holidays and Holiday Accrual.
  • New Hires and Leavers.
  • Employee Expenses.
  • Meet Important Deadlines.

You can easily manage payroll and the above mentioned factors by using good payroll software.

Proper Choice of Payroll Service Software

Often, employers choose incorrect or unsuitable payroll service software, which has not been tested or built well. Hence, you should be careful in choosing or changing your payroll system. It is best to read feedback from the users or test it thoroughly before choosing it. Prefer payroll software that has been tried and tested by other companies.

Consider Staff Requirements in Payroll Service

Pay is the most important factor for employees; it is as simple as that. They may love working for you but if they are not paid properly they will leave. It can be helpful to show flexibility in payroll requests by your employees, such as paying a bi-weekly rather than a monthly basis. Or, you can choose 26th of the month as a pay date as it provides your employees greater control over bill payments and expenses. Including your employees in such decisions can make them feel more valued, hence improving productivity and reducing staff turnover.

In short, these are some of the important factors to consider when doing payroll for your business as it can help you avoid a number of problems and issues. It is an important part of any business, big or small. More details on the subject at, to ensure doing your payroll properly.

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