Birch Core

Full Wood Core

The heart of our skis is a custom milled wood core using the highest grade X-Laminated birch available. Cross lamination makes for an exceptionally stable core that is predictable to mill and incredibly fun to ski. Our cores also provide additional strength edge-to-edge that you won’t get with vertical grain cores and they retain binding screws better.

Steel Edge

Heat treated and rolled profiles with precision engineered tolerances. Our high quality edge material is extremely break proof, wear-resistant and way burlier than many of our competitors. The 2mm stamping profile is specifically designed to reduce overall weight and provide excellent resistance to tear-outs as well as many tunes over the life of your skis.


Blacker and faster, DuraSurf™ base material has a long list of properties that make it an ideal running surface for skis. It combines the greatest impact strength of any thermoplastic and has a very low coefficient of friction… it is also insanely tough. All of our skis are machine finished locally at Revelstoke’s finest ski tuning shop, The Wax Bench.

Tip & Tail Fill

UHMW tip and tail fill has outstanding impact strength while remaining incredibly light, which helps to keep the swing weight of our skis to a minimum. Our tip and tail fill is integrated into the composite layup of our skis and fused to the core of the ski using a unique kevlar matrix that results in a light, but incredibly strong connection.

Epoxy Resin

We use a propriety mix of bio-based resin formulated in-house for our manufacturing process. Our special blend provides incredible structural characteristics & insures perfect resin-to-composite ratios and a long pot-life so we can take the time and care we need to get your layup just right.


Fiber Glass

We source only the highest quality, sport-specific fiber glass in various weights and weaves. This exceptional approach to ski composites allows for very specific customization of your skis weight and flex based on your individual needs… biaxial, triaxial and quadaxial available.

Carbon & Kevlar

Specialty composites like carbon fiber and Kevlar help to increase stiffness and structural integrity within the ski while allowing us to reduce the use of heavier weaves of fiber glass. Carbon & Kevlar also add pop and extra life to our skis by helping to reduce internal strain on the fiber glass.


VDS Rubber

VDS rubber assists in the bonding of dissimilar materials within the ski assembly – wood, steel, glass, plastic etc. – but it’s primary characteristic and purpose is to help dampen and limit propagation of internal vibrations and to reduce internal shear stress within the ski.