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Bigbend Skis started off as an idea built on a dream, later structured by a plan. Part of that plan is to build 100% custom skis by hand, but to get there a lot of other planning and building needed to take shape.

Our skis are hand-built and custom all the way. No two pairs of skis are the same and that’s the way we like it. Each pair is a one-off inspired by our customers needs and wants and our manufacturing process reflects this need for uniqueness and versatility.  Now when I say “hand-built”, I’m not talking about throwing down Amish-style and chewing a ski out of a solid piece of wood with my bare teeth. However, Bigbend Skis does not use CNC machines. CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines as they are used in the ski industry, are essentially computer driven robot-routers used to shape various ski components from base material to wood cores. Instead of CNC machines and in keeping with the handcrafted ideal, all of our cores are hand-milled by a real human pushing a router that utilizes several different jigs that were also custom designed and hand-built by Bigbend Skis. Part of the pleasure in this for Bigbend Skis is making tight tolerance, quality skis using means that require tactile human input into every single step of the process… after all, this is what “hand-crafted” truly means, right?

Hand-built skis… hand-built tools