Heads Up!

We do not offer graphic design services – you must create your graphics yourself or find a graphic designer to work with you. If you are not up to the task yourself and you get stuck trying to find a designer to work with, let us know and we will try to hook you up locally with a graphic artist.

Once your ski design has been finalized and confirmed by us and you are happy with the length and overall dimensions, we can send you a graphics template based on your custom ski shape. This template will be sent to you electronically as an AI or EPS file, so we STRONGLY recommend you design your graphics in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, full size at a minimum of 150 DPI – In fact, we only support Adobe Creative Suite software at this time. The template will be an outline of your ski shape and you can place your art work beneath it to make sure everything looks the way you want before sending it back to us. Files smaller than 25MB can be emailed back to us directly, but anything larger than 25MB must be uploaded to us. If your file is larger than 25MB, simply send us an email and we will send your instructions on how to upload your file… we use Dropbox and Google Drive. Once we receive your file, we will have a quick look to satisfy our curiosity before passing it along to our printers and voila… a week or two later, we should be ready to lay up your skis with your crispy new custom graphics!

Key Points to Remember:

– Our layup process does not allow us to guarantee your graphic placement with 100% accuracy… we do our best, but shifting can occur.
– DO NOT design and/or mask your artwork in the exact shape of the ski outline template… let it bleed…
– Main artwork (backgrounds, images, linework etc.) should fit edge to edge to edge on the template (340x2010mm)
– Details (text, logos, important images and linework etc.) must fit within the ski shape outline.
– Avoid large areas of white (non-colour) in the first ~140mm of tip/tail areas as it can allow different ski core materials to show through.
– Do not flatten the files or merge layers… keep all objects editable and on separate layers.
– Please work in and provide your files in CMYK only.
– We only accept the following file formats (all layers and objects must remain editable): AI, PSD and PDF.
– Send your artwork at 100% between 150 and 200 dpi.
– Send copies of obscure fonts you may have used if not embedded.
– Don’t forget the 25MB file size limit for email!
– We reserve the right to incorporate our logo into your design… let us know if this is an issue for you.
– Costs of all graphic design work is the customers responsiblity and is NOT included in any products or pricing offered by BIGBEND Skis.

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