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BIGBEND Skis Core Prep“Yes… yes I am building some skis”…

This is a common start to conversations for me these days. Revelstoke is a small town where the coffee shop and water cooler often get the scoop on the local news paper. Word travels fast and people get excited about good ideas. Mix the topic of skiing into just about any conversation, and you are sure to hook a large percentage of the town’s population.

I have always loved skiing. I moved to Calgary from Saskatchewan with my family when I was not quite 10 years old, and took my first ski lessons through my elementary school’s phys-ed program. Paskapoo, as it was called at the time (now Canada Olympic Park) quickly became my favorite place. Charging down sheets of white ice lit up by spotty, high-powered metal-halide lights, my friends and I would race each other to the day lodge where we would indulge in styrofoam cups overflowing with salt encased french fries. I find it astonishing now to think that 11-year-old boys could get 210cm downhill race skis from the onsite Olin demo tent without having to get their parents to sign a waiver! And to this day, Paskapoo is still the only place I have ever seen a 3 gallon jar of ketchup with a pump-action on it. Not much has changed actually. Today the story is still much the same, only over the past 30+ years it’s morphed into pillows of suffocating, deep powder instead of ice, sparkling sun instead of spotty lights, and burgers and beers instead of… um… sure… fries with that please.

These days, I refer to Bigbend Skis as a project. While a lot of work has already been done, there is still so, so much to do. Obviously, a lot of the initial work takes place behind the facade of a website… insurance, licensing, suppliers, equipment, tooling, marketing… many steps still to complete in order to move this from project to business. Bit by bit, it is all coming together though and later this summer and into the fall, I will be ready to start taking orders and building your custom skis in time for the start of the 2011/12 season. Come on… you KNOW you want some… 100% custom skis built just for you!

In between now and then, and while I get ready to throw open the doors, I will be adding more to the Bigbend Skis back-story through this blog. Bigbend Skis might be new, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a story to tell and some history to share. Knowing where I’ve been will help you to understand where I want all of this to go.

Psyched to get this started… hope you are too!